Chankonabe, Ochazuke, Sekihan, Donburimono and more!


Let me introduce you the history, culture and phenomenon of Japan in this blog of mine.
This time, I will simply comment on some of Japanese cuisines as much as possible!


Chankonabe, Ochazuke, Sekihan

Chankonabe is famous as a sumo wrestler’s dish.
A variety of ingredients, such as meat, fish, and vegetables, are cooked at the table in a large pot.
ちゃんこ鍋の歴史と特徴 一般的なレシピとおすすな市販の鍋の素 ...

Ochazuke is a large bowl of rice with hot water of green tea poured over it.
Broiled salted salmon, cod roe, laver of pickles are usually put on top.
A little wasabi horseradish may be added.
味つけは「こんぶだし」だけ お手軽お茶漬けのレシピ・作り方 ...

Sekihan is rice steamed together with red beans.
Since red is considered to be the color of joy, it is prepared for auspicious occasions such as festivals and birthdays.

贅沢な一品♪ 栗入りお赤飯のレシピ動画・作り方 | DELISH KITCHEN

Donburimono, Gyudon, Zousui

Donburimono is a meal served in a large, deep bowl.
Tempura, broiled eel, egg or chicken is placed on rice in the bowl.
まとめ】簡単丼ものレシピ 【火を使わない~スピード丼】 [ご飯・麺 ...

Gyudon is a bowl of rice topped with thinly sliced beef and onions which have been cooked together in a soy-flavored sauce.
旨みたっぷり つゆだく牛丼 作り方・レシピ | クラシル

Zosui is a kind of porridge of rice and vegetables.
Boiled rice is cooked in a soup seasoned with soy sauce and then mixed with trefoil leaves, egg or seafood.


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